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To Discover The Freedom of Permanent Vision Correction:

Lasik: This Procedure is used to Correct vision for nearsightedness, farsightendness and astigmatic people


Step 1

Using an instrument called a microkeratome, a thin layer of Corneal tissue is folded back.


Step 2

The  Excimer laser is used to remove a predetermined amount of tissue to Correct the individual refractive error.


Step 3

The cornea layer is replaced in it's original position where it heals with little to no discomfort.


Who may be Qualified for LASIK?

- Be at least 18 years old.
- Be in good general health.
- Have no health issues affecting
- the eyes.
- Have no active eye conditions which
- may affect healing.
- Have a stable vision prescription.


We can correct your eyes up to this prescription

  • Myopia = -1.00 to - 14.00D astigmatism up to 4.00 D
  • Hyperopia = +0.50 to + 5.00D astigmatism up to 2.00 D

Smart LASIK is Safe LASIK


How is Lasik safer Now

There have been no reported cases of blindness resulting from laser eyetreatment in the United States. FDA approval of LASIK Surgery Equipment in the U.S came in 1995. Complications affecting vision after laser eye surgery are now reported at a rate of less than one percent.


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